It's no easy feat having to deal with this novel strain of the coronavirus. For weeks now we have seen the numbers rise, and although we try to stay positive it's becoming more and more apparent daily that we are in for something that no one could have predicted. As I write this the positive cases are counted at 351,705 worldwide. Those are just what we know of...

So what does this mean for us at Press and Ink? And for you as our customers? We are in that gray area of small business where our services are essential to every business. We help your commercial lives run smoothly by providing you with indispensable advertising and marketing tools and products. We look at you in an old fashioned sort of way, we look at you like family.

We want to know you are safe, and want to help you jump gears once the world returns to normal. Now through the next couple of weeks we are offering all our services at a discounted rate of 20%.

"Times like this, even though tragic and devastating, bond us together as neighbors."

Let's get back on our feet together, and let's show that nothing can defeat our small community. Spread kindness #pressandink

With love,

The Press & Ink Team